MP del PGO de SabadellMP del PGO de SabadellMP del PGO de SabadellMP del PGO de Sabadell


The modification includes the undevelopable land of Sabadell and its limits. The object of the modification is the update of the urban planning of the territory that includes the non-urbanizable land of Sabadell, based on the current planning, the previous Study of the Special Plan of Ways of Sabadell and the demands of the entities and organizations involved in the field of open space and the public. The objectives are:

  • Determine the urban planning of non-urbanizable land with joint qualifications for the entire territory of Sabadell and the Metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.
  • Define the conditions of management and use of agricultural and forestry operations.
  • To study the uses that, in addition to agriculture, and within the current legal framework, must be admitted to the territory and must allow the recovery of certain buildings and environments, which must guarantee their present and future sustainability.
  • Establish priorities for action and identify uses not allowed in the territory that should be redirected.
  • Carry out a critical review of the categorization of undevelopable land in areas and systems where the maintenance of public ownership of lands that are already urbanized is guaranteed and a realistic proposal for obtaining land is made, which is not trusted. to derivative planning figures such as the PGMOS, which have not been developed for the most part. This review must guarantee the protection of these lands against urbanization pressures, and also contribute to providing legal security to farms.
  • Establish a complete road network, which structures the territory, and which favors communication with urban free spaces in a controlled way.
  • Adjust the boundaries of urban and urbanizable land in the area of ​​the Cifuentes sector, Torrent de la Romeua, Cementiri, Can Piteu (Can Roqueta) and Sant Pau de Riu-sec water treatment plant.
  • Adjust the sizing of equipment floors in the open space according to current needs, and with enough flexibility to solve future needs.



Sabadell City Council



DIRECTOR: EFAarquitectes, Eduard Fenoy (Architect), Mireia Salvans, Laura Termes, Marc Fenoy (Architects)


EFAarquitectes is an architectural firm in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) formed by a multidisciplinary team of architects and professionals with extensive experience, dedicated to urban planning, landscaping, architecture and rehabilitation. EFAarquitectes (Eduard Fenoy i Associats, SLP) will find the best solution for urban management, real estate development, rehabilitation, buildings and house alterations  in Sabadell and abroad. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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