Project of Reparcelling of phase 4 of polygonal delimitation suitable to the MPGM in the polygon of the Cheap Houses of the Neighborhood of the Good Shepherd of Barcelona (Reparcellación in Barcelona)

Barcelona, currently


The description of the arrangement in this polygon according to the arrangement of the MPGM and PMU can be briefly described as follows: It is a discontinuous polygon with a surface area of ​​26,224, 17 m², which is complemented by the executed polygons 1 , 2 and 3, and subsequently with polygon 5. The approved planning that falls within the scope of the polygon involves a sponging of the building for housing use. The land not intended for the system is now ordered arranged in a single plot classified with code 18 as an area subject to specific volumetric management. The unique resulting plot with exploitation, classified with code 18, has a surface area of ​​3,399.60 m², is located in the middle of the discontinuous piece located further east, of the four discontinuous pieces that make up the polygon and arranged in parallel on the street Arbeca.

The approved planning foresees a much greater provision of public spaces, thus of the 26,224.17 m² that make up the discontinuous area, 22,824.57 m² are for public use, classified as systems.


Institut Municipal d’Habitatge i Rehabilitació de Barcelona (IMHAB)


DIRECTOR: EFAARQUITECTES Eduard Fenoy (Architect / urbanist), Mireia Salvans, Marc Fenoy, Laura Termes (Architects)



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