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Punctual modification number 4 of the POUM for the regulation of solar and wind electricity installations in non-developable soils in Santpedor (POUM MP)

Santpedor, currently


The general objective of this amendment is to regulate the consistent use in facilities for the production of electricity from renewable sources, wind and photovoltaic, in local urban planning given the justified need to contribute to the achievement of the objectives set by the Law of the climate change, but also taking into account environmental, urban and landscape criteria to preserve the identity and the most relevant values ​​of the municipality.

The achievement of the general objective of the Specific Modification is based on assigning the consistent use in the facilities for the use of solar and wind energy in the most suitable places of the municipal term, taking into account the following specific objectives:

  • Specify the possibilities of assigning the new use in the different types of land (urban land, developable land and undeveloped land) taking into account the characteristics of the facilities and the different areas defined by local urban planning.
  • Determine the compatibility of electrical energy production facilities with the definition and protection objectives of the different urban keys of the POUM.
  • Validate compliance with the directives, objectives and criteria of territorial and director planning, as well as those planning instruments, the scope of which includes the municipality of Santpedor.



Santpedor city council



DIRECTOR: EFAARQUITECTES Eduard Fenoy (Architect/urbanist), Mireia Salvans, Marc Fenoy, Laura Termes (Architects).


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