Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan in the Prim sector in Barcelona (MPGM Barcelona)

Barcelona, Currently


The Modification of the PGM in the Prim Sector aims at a global reorganization of this area of ​​the district of Sant Martí, neighborhood of La Verneda and La Pau, proposing a permeable and integrated management with the environment with a change of use of land, consistent with the future urban context and current housing policies.

The proposed operation must maintain the basically residential character of the current planning, with reserves of sun for equipment and free spaces in the proportion necessary to build a high quality urban fabric inserted in a city environment that must transform – in the coming years, and which will take the form of the Sagrera – Sant Andreu railway corridor, with the creation of a new intermodal station, and the Camí Comtal Park, which will be developed on the resulting railway slabs of this.

The aim is to create a compact and equipped city model, respectful of the pre-existing and historical memory of the place, following criteria of sustainability and complexity, and given the high percentage of sheltered housing of all kinds provided for: social cohesion.



Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat



DIRECTOR: EFAARQUITECTES Eduard Fenoy (Architect), Mireia Salvans, Marc Fenoy, Laura Termes (Architects).

Leandro José Casero Marín (Architect).


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