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Sabadell, currently

Exclusive promotion of new construction located at the center of Sabadell. The promotion is at the Passage Colom 8-12 of Sabadell.

The project consists on:

  • 2 flats at first plant of 2 and 3 rooms.
  • 2 duplex inverted at second plant of 4 rooms.


ud. m² construidos m² útiles exterior precio/ud
1A First floor 2H 1 73,89 67,55 20,57 SOLD OUT
1B First floor 3H 1 85,56 78,46 23,41 SOLD OUT
2A Duplex A 1 138,35 119,87 31,88 SOLD OUT
2B Duplex B 1 135,77 117,87 32,44 SOLD OUT
Garages 4 SOLD OUT
Storages 4 SOLD OUT


All the houses offer a modern design, efficient and equipments of high quality. If you are interested, send an e-mail at or call at the 93 7278425


EFAarquitectes is an architectural firm in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) formed by a multidisciplinary team of architects and professionals with extensive experience, dedicated to urban planning, landscaping, architecture and rehabilitation. EFAarquitectes (Eduard Fenoy i Associats, SLP) will find the best solution for urban management, real estate development, rehabilitation, buildings and house alterations  in Sabadell and abroad. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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