Redevelopment Project- Redevelopment of "Joncar" street, between "Rambla del Poblenou" and "Marià Aguiló" street, in the Dixstrito de "Sant Martín", in "Barcelona"


" Barcelona" (Barcelonés)
Completed in July 2015


The purpose of the project is to provide the sector with a public space that is the result of the effects of public urban planning, which is the result of the effects of recently approved urban planning, and the construction of an underground parking area in the sector and of the will to create a connection between "Rambla del Poblenou" and "Bilbao" street.



"Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipals" (BIM/SA)



Urbamed SLP, Eduard Fenoy (architect), Mireia Salvans (architect), Jàson Portell (architect), Xavier Peredalta (architect), Xavier Font (Civil Engineer)