[WINNER] Urban improvement contest in Can Feu - Gràcia


Sabadell 2019

Our proposal introduces new uses for different spaces - such as games and gingham areas -, with contributions in design and sustainability, introduction of pergolas as multifunctional elements and the inclusion of photovoltaic panels as a lighting system. Specifically, the elements that characterize this proposal are the following:
· Pergolas as common and repeated elements throughout the entire space, from the Can Feu promenade to the Can Haga station | Thank you - even above the Rambla de Iberia, which is incorporated into the urban landscape although cars will continue to pass.
· The elimination of the pedestrian bridge to leave in that area a great civic square.
· The presence of a green itinerary that avoids straight lines.
· The green throughout the route, either with trees -more than the vors- or with shrubs and herbaceous -damunt of the slab.
· An amphitheater to the current parking lot of the Can Haga station | Grace, which happens to be green and with noticeable reduction of parking spaces.
· The presence of several children's play areas.
· The creation of water infiltration zones throughout the route - culminating in three rafts in the Can Feu- park and the recovery of the torrent that gives its name.
· The willingness to sew the two sides of the old road thinking about cross-walking paths for citizens.